It’s so easy to make this delicious breakfast at home! 🍴 My family can even enjoy it before going off to work~ 🙌🏻

In just 30 minutes⏰ your fav veggies, 1 curry paste and serve with bread, I made this GAO GAO【Asam Curry Vegetable With Bread】for our meal without any hassle~ 😉

You must be thinking: cooking a nice curry already takes so much time, and now even need to cook in the early morning? 🤨

Just use【Pinxin’s Curry Mee Paste】🌶️lah~ Cook with this paste, you don’t need to add more salt or sugar anymore! It tastes so GAO already! 😋

 Recipe Source👉🏻Chef Joyce



  • Our recipes do not contain garlic, onion, nor animal products. 


Cooking Ingredients


  • Pinxin Curry Paste (80 g)
  • Long Bean (50 g)
  • Tempeh (40 g)
  • Tomato (30 g)
  • Coconut Milk (30 g)
  • Green Chilli (20 g)
  • Curry Leaves (5 g)
  • Okra (60 g)
  • Water (300 ml)
  • Asam (10 g)




Chop tomatoes, long beans, green chilli and okra into sections.


Heat up oil with medium heat in a pot.


Sauce the curry leaves and green chilli.


Once you smell the aroma, add in tempeh and stir-fry.


Add in Pinxin Penang Curry Paste and mix well.


Add in water and asam paste, then mix well.


Once it is boiled, add in the vegetables.


Cook until tomatoes softens, then add in the coconut milk, mix well.


Best to serve with roti!


  1. It’s perfect to pair with a bowl of rice or Roti Canai.


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