Hello there! Welcome to Pinxin Vegan online store. Here are a few important information about our shop and the whole shopping process. If you have questions regarding the content below, please feel free to message or contact us :)

Delivery days are during weekdays (working days). Weekend and public holidays are not included.
If it is an urgent order that you cannot wait, please contact our customer service to check whether the item is ready-stock before placing an order.
Certain factors regarding logistics, lack of material by suppliers, or when items suddenly go out of stock during your order, all could be the causes of delayed delivery. Under these circumstances, customers will be contacted and advised to split the order, or cancel the item that may take too much time.

General Product Information

1. All our goods are prepared fresh without added preservatives and additives. Therefore once you have received them, please do keep them refrigerated and consume them within a month at best. They can normally last up to 2 months.
2. Before shipping out your order, all goods and packaging will be inspected to ensure they are in good condition. However, damages on packaging may still happen during delivery.
3. Based on different preparation processes of each kind of food, below are some conditions we'd like you to notice before purchase: 
Grains & Noodles: 
These products are all dried and packaged in boxes. The boxes may be slightly dented during delivery especially to areas further than Penang Island.

Frozen Food: 
Our frozen food are mostly made fresh and stored in our freezer less than 2 weeks. Once received, do store them in freezer if not consumed immediately.

Paste & Sauces:
All our paste are made with fresh ingredients without added preservatives. Therefore, there may be a risk of fermentation during the process of delivery but this happens very rarely. Once received, do store them in the refrigerator immediately to maintain freshness. 

Pickles & Fermented Food:
Our pickles and fermented food are all made with fresh ingredients as well and fermented in a natural way with no added preservatives. They can be kept for 3 - 6 months. Our kimchi becomes more fermented and sour the longer its kept, it is safe the keep it fermented for a longer time. 

4. All the above are within accepted scopes in international quality inspection standards, and they are not considered as defective items.

How do I purchase?

1. Enter each product page and press "Add To Cart" on the ones you wish to purchase.
2. Upon checking out, enter your details correctly to complete the transaction.  (We support Facebook login as well)
3. Our site is in shopping cart system, and the same product can be added into the cart without limits. You may add another flavour of the same product.
If you really find it hard to purchase through our website, please feel free to send us the screenshot of the product you like, and we'll arrange the order for you.

You may contact us on Facebook or Here.