In extraordinary times, we must improve our ability to protect ourselves.

  1. Wear mask

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This is important and necessary. If you can't buy a mask, try wearing a cloth mask. The interlayer can go to a handmade shop to buy non-woven fabrics, or simply use toilet paper. It is better that you completely expose yourself to the crowd.

In addition, pay attention to the treatment of masks after use. First, do not touch the outer layer of the mask when taking off the mask, because the outer layer is full of bacteria, carefully fold it, tie it with ear hooks, and then discard it. If you have scissors, please cut them off directly to avoid being picked up by a other person and sold as a secondary mask.

  1. Wash your hands frequently

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The objects contacted by the carrier will be infected with the virus, and the virus will survive for 24 hours. If a healthy person accidentally touches these items, such as elevator buttons, subway handles and other public items, the virus will survive for 15 minutes. If you happen to take food with your hands, dig your nostrils and rub your eyes, it will let the virus enter the body. Therefore, washing your hands frequently can prevent it. If it is not convenient outdoors, please carry disinfectant hand sanitizer, mask, disinfectant, all of these must be in your bag.

  1. Eat more plant based food or GO VEGAN

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You already know the best ways to stay healthy are by washing your hands, using instant hand sanitizer like crazy. But did you also know there are a bunch of vegan foods that can boost your immune system? It’s true. In addition to the practices above, following a vegan meal plan full of nutritious fruits and vegetables can be really influential in warding off illness.The power fruits and veggies go well beyond preventing the sniffles. They also contain a healthy dose of antioxidants which can significantly lower your risk of sick .

  1. Drink more water

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When the virus enters your body, the first stage is to stop at the throat. If you drink plenty of water at this time, the virus will be flushed into the stomach and acidified. If not, the virus will enter the body and start attacking your lungs. Now China has discovered that the virus is starting to mutate and attack the brain. Alas, we cannot keep up with the degree of variation, but we can drink more water. Everyone should be able to do this.

  1. Exercise more

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To maintain good health, instead of fearing, it is better to improve your immunity, keep your mood open, and don’t worry too much. The virus has a low fatality rate and people with strong immunity can resist the past. 

  1. Travel less

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The sealed space of airports and aircraft also gives the virus a lot of room for survival. If you have to fly for a business trip or something else, please take precautionary measures: wear a mask, gloves, protective glasses, and carry disinfectant with you. Protect yourself and others. Returning from a foreign flight,   you may stay at home for 14-21 days.

  1. Less panic

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Knowledge is important, you can watch the news, if you don’t understand it, please don’t ask your friends who don’t know well. Don't spread rumors, don't believe rumors, don't make rumors, don't make public panic anymore. You must know how to screen the overwhelming information and appease the elderly at home

Malaysia has now confirmed 129 cases. Because of the hot weather and better medical environment, we have confidence in the Ministry of Health. As long as everyone strengthens the protection and keeps the epidemic under control, it is still optimistic. However, this year's economy must be extremely bad. Please prepare silver bullets and tighten your belt to survive this extraordinary 2020.

All The Best!  Go Vegan!

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