1. Loveful 

The kindness of vegetarian men is over five stars. How can a man who can't bear to hurt even a small animal be willing to hurt your heart? And vegetarian food is calm and not easily irritable. Vegetarian men love women and children. And vegetarian food is the most environmentally friendly. A man who knows how to protect the earth and respect life is most responsible

  1. Strong and Fit. 

Vegetarianism does not harm the kidneys, does not contain toxins such as veterinary drugs and carcass poisons, and is easier to break down, which greatly reduces the burden on the kidneys and liver. The kidneys are very strong. In fact, many vegetarian men can be called fully muscular and energetic. (For example, Toby McGuire in Spider-Man, Kristen Bell in Batman; Carl, the king of sprints.) Lewis, the world's top triathlete, Rubin, including our Chinese kung fu star Jet Li ... In fact, not only humans, but the world's strongest animals are vegetarian animals (such as elephants); In contrast, carnivores develop quickly and early, but they also age and die very quickly.

  1. Romantic and Sexy. 

Not all vegetarians should be monks. Vegetarian men have become a healthy and low-carbon fashion leader. A large number of comparative surveys in many countries have found that vegetarians have a faster endurance, strength and fatigue recovery rate than meat eaters. It also extending to the bed. 

Vegan / Vegetarian Valentines Candle Light Dinner

  1. Body Odour is not heavy.

This is definitely a gospel that the two of them got along with each other day and night. Since humans do not have uric enzymes in carnivores and omnivores, they cannot break down animal proteins and release "uric acid", which will accumulate in the body and emit body odour. Vegetarian men do not smell. And with age, vegetarian men will increasingly show a refreshing advantage in taste. There is no need to question this point. Chinese and foreign medical scientists have confirmed that vegetarian food makes the blood weakly alkaline, and does not stimulate the sweat glands to produce a strong odour like the acid blood of meat eaters.

  1. High-quality life. 

In fact, vegetarians pay great attention to health and nutrition, and their life taste is not sloppy. Vegetarian men often know best where to buy safe or organic fruits and vegetables, and will cook a few good dishes. They insist on eating only truly healthy and beneficial foods wherever they go. As a result, the prevalence of vegetarian men is very low, and the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke is greatly reduced by not ingesting animal-based casein. This will not only send a lot of the money you earn to the hospital in the future, but it will also be more likely to be healthy and longevity, and to grow old with you.

  1. Excellent descendants 


Foreign studies have found that vegetarians generally have higher IQs, although the reason has not been concluded yet-why do vegetarians do this because of their high IQs? Or do people with high IQ pay more attention to health issues and become vegetarian? But scientists have noticed that the energy and magnetic fields of the food itself can affect consumers. The survey also found that if a mother eats too many hormone-rich meat foods such as beef during pregnancy, her child will very likely to have infertility in adulthood. A vegetarian man knows best how to take good care you and your child so that the mother and child are healthy and the child thrives.

  1. Spiritual growth.

The accumulation of external wealth is nothing more than a natural or human disaster; on the contrary, expanding love, obeying charity, and pursuing spiritual growth can be a call to raise awareness of life, attract auspiciousness and blessings. Ultimately, marrying a vegetarian is a harmonious and happy way of life that coexists with nature forever.  

Vegan / Vegetarian Valentines Candle Light Dinner

At the last , if you can't find a vegetarian man for Valentine, then become a vegetarian woman yourself. Especially before the world completely been destroy by climate change and rise greenhouse gas emissions , we still had time to save 80% of the environmentally-friendly effects of vegetarian food to save our precarious and hotter planet-in order to stay with your vegan prince in the future. There is a place on earth to meet.  

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