Wait, sandwich? Absolutely! Baos (pronounced ‘bow’) are Asian sandwiches.
And here are 6 reasons why you absolutely must eat a bao as soon as possible. GO BAOWER.



It’s so FLUFFY!

Mantou, known as the bread of the bao is made by steaming the yeast instead of baking it. Our bao is made using the Poolish Starter and Japanese Tangzhong which makes its texture extremely soft, fluffy, chewy and light that melts in your mouth. You’ll also get a wonderful splash of sweetness that comes from our unrefined cane sugar.



Baos make awesome and EASY breakfast.

Breakfast preps are meant to be SIMPLE. These awesome sandwiches are designed to be eaten with your hands. Therefore, all you need to do is steam for about 6-8 minutes and it’s ready to be served!



We have “Cha Siu Bao”.

Yes, you read that right. Our fluffy buns have several unique fillings and one of them is the dark hericium mushroom which is similar to the popular “cha siu bao”. These high nutrient hericium mushrooms are marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, dark sweet sauce and sesame oil which makes its aroma and texture savoury with a hint of sweetness. One word, YUMMY.



Great snack for kids.

These fluffy steam buns are made with unbleached flour, unrefined cane sugar without any added preservatives or colourings. They make a wonderful snack for your little one where you can enjoy it together with them too! It’s definitely on the CONVENIENT YET HEALTHY LIST for mums out there.




According to Chinese legend, mantou was invented when an army general named Zhuge Liang had to lead his army across a dangerous river. The people on the other side of the river ordered Liang to sever the heads of 50 of his men if he wanted to safely cross. Not particularly fond of that idea, Liang created a pretty clever ruse: He made large steamed buns and floated them across the river in place of real human heads.


It can be filled with so much goodness!

Another amazing part and one of the main reason we love baos is because they’re so versatile! You can literally put any fillings of your preference inside of the bun and they somehow taste great. Here are a few unique twist we made to the original baos.


Kimchi Bao, WHAT? A unique twist to our fluffy steam buns! We all know fermented food has high probiotics which are great for our gut health. Filling our soft baos with these Traditional Kimchi leaves you a spicy, crunchy inside with a soft warm outer layer. Wake your senses and kick start your day with a Kimchi Bao.


Mei Cai Bao (Preserved Mustard Greens), Mei Cai is a popular Hakka delight. The hours of slow cooking adds into the unique taste of “Mei Cai”, it combines well and gives an umami taste that makes you hunger for more! It’s a love at first bite.


The Organic Azuki Beans or The Red Bean Bao are slightly sweet with a soft texture of mashes beans. They’re filled with mashed Adzuki beans which have been boiled and mixed with dates for natural sweetness! Adzuki beans are rich in nutrients, such as fibre, protein and manganese. And because its organic, natural and nutritious, they make the perfect snack for little ones too!


Curry Potato and Hericium Bao. As simple as it sounds, it’s simplicity that makes it distinctive from the rest. Cooked with homemade curry paste and loads of spices, these curry potatoes will surely leave a lasting impression in your taste buds. The spices in our curry, the texture of the potatoes plus the softness of the steam buns sends loads of warmth not just to the body but also to the heart and soul.

Healthy Delivery To Your Doorstep!

And now for Penangites, you can enjoy them because we provide delivery to Penang Island within 24 hours.

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