4 of the Most Inspirational Malaysian VEGAN women - 2020 International Women's Day

In our last blog, we shared with you guys "The 12 Greatest Plant-Based Women" of all time as a celebration of International Women's Day. Today, we would like to give contributes to some of the most empowering and inspiring Malaysian vegan women.
In a country where Veganism is still unheard of, these women have been taking the stands against the cultural norms for theirs beliefs. 

1. Natalie Prabha - Malaysian Vegan Model
Natalie Prabha is the only model in Malaysia who follows a 100% Plant-Based diet. The model of Chinese, Kadazan, and Indian descent, Natalie adopted the Plant-Based diet in 2015 after trying out a 30-day vegan challenge, which helped her to achieve the body composition she wanted to. Today, Natalie is one of the faces of the Wynn Models and The Models Lab. <https://my.asiatatler.com/life/fitness-kickstart-vegan-model-natalie-prabha-eating-healthy>

2. Colleen Augustine - Malaysian Plant-Based MMA Fighter
Colleen is a Plant-Based MMA fighter, Certified ACE personal trainer & home baker. Before she got into MMA, she was a professional obstacle racer for Malaysia. Here are some of her achievements:
1. IMMAF-WMMAA Asian Open Champion 2019
2. IMMAF - WMMAA World Championship Bronze Medalist 2019
3. Spartan APAC Championship Series 2017 Bronze Medalist
4. Spartan SEA Regional Series 2018 Champion
She adopted a 100% Plant-Based lifestyle due to her love for animals. “I chose to be vegan because I did not have the heart to hurt animals. I couldn’t kill them with my own hands and I figured if I can’t do that I have no right to be asking others to do it for me. I also believe in protecting our environment and this is the most impactful way I could to help Mother Earth without overthinking or being too complicated,” says Colleen.

3.Davina Goh - Malaysian Plant-Based Recipe Developer & Vegan Influencer
Davina Goh is one of the most well-known vegan influencers in Malaysia. She has been influencing the Malaysian community with her mouth-watering Plant-Based recipes on her blog “Davina Da Vegan” and her IG account. She’s also a fitness enthusiast who swam and kayaked 18km around Perhentian Island to raise awareness and crowdfund RM23K for marine conservation. 

4. Aisya J - Malay Vegan Martial Arts Instructor
Aisya, a Malay vegan influencer, is a martial arts instructor who adopted Veganism into her life for her love for animals. Being vegan is quite rare amongst the Malays Muslim community. However, Aisya and her vegan bodybuilder husband, Akmal, have been spreading the Vegan Vibes through their sports in Malaysia.