100% Durian Mochi (6pcs/box)
100% Durian Mochi (6pcs/box)
100% Durian Mochi (6pcs/box)
100% Durian Mochi (6pcs/box)
100% Durian Mochi (6pcs/box)
100% Durian Mochi (6pcs/box)

100% Durian Mochi (6pcs/box)

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Soft and chewy mochi, a traditional Japanese snack. The mochi skin is flavoured with Pandan leaves, filled with 100% Musang King or D24 Durian flesh, specially made for durian lovers. Created by our Japanese Chef Akiko-San of Itadaki Zen.

This Mochi is perfect for Durian lovers! Imagine a soft aromatic and slightly sweet mochi skin with a creamy durian filling inside. 

Premium Ingredients:
100% Durian Flesh(D24 or Musang King)

🌱100% Vegan 100%纯素 
❤️Homemade with Love 纯手工制作 
🍓All Natural Ingredients 纯天然材料 

🈚No Dairy Products⁠ 无蛋奶⁠ 
🈚No Added Colouring 无色素⁠ 
🈚No Added Preservatives 无防腐剂⁠ 

FAQs for our Mochi

How long does the mochi last?
It can last up to 24 hrs at room temperature. It is best served on the day of purchase. If you are having it the day after its refrigerated, kindly put in the microwave on defrost mode for 8 - 10secs before consuming it.

Is the mochi hand made every day?
Yes, we make mochi every day and fresh to order with the freshest ingredients.

Are mochis available for pick up?
It is available, however with pre-orders as our mochis are all made to order.

What is mochi and how is it different than a daifuku?
Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into a paste and shaped according to use. Daifuku is a treat made of mochi stuffed with the sweet filling. So, daifuku is a type of mochi.

Why are the mochis not all a uniform shape and size?
All of our mochis are handmade individually and made to order so every mochi will be different. However, all will provide little bites of joy and happiness.

Which area do we cover for delivery?
At the moment, we only deliver to Penang area.

The mochi is best to consume in a day due to its freshness, you may keep refrigerated to let it stay for 2 days, yet the texture of mochi skin might be changed.

Shipping area and price

Penang Island
RM6 Delivery Fee
FREE Delivery for orders above RM60

Penang Mainland
Minimum order RM90
RM15 Delivery Fee
FREE Delivery for orders above RM150

Find out our shipping information here.

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