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The soft and chewy mochi is a traditional Japanese snack. Handmade with love and filled with premium ingredients. The mochi skin is coloured with natural ingredients. Created by our Japanese Chef Akiko-San of Itadaki Zen. 

🌱100% Vegan 100%纯素 
❤️Homemade with Love 纯手工制作 
🍓All Natural Ingredients 纯天然材料 

🈚No Dairy Products⁠ 无蛋奶⁠ 
🈚No Added Colouring 无色素⁠ 
🈚No Added Preservatives 无防腐剂⁠ 


The mochi is best to consume in a day due to its freshness, you may keep refrigerated to let it stay for 2 days, yet the texture of mochi skin might be changed.

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